Is there a tuition fee to attend TOPS?

No, for this year there is not. Before COVID-19, we would collect approximately $400 per year to cover the cost of program-based field trips TOPS students were attending. This fee was not necessary in 2020-21 when field trips did not occur. If field trips are allowed again next year, then the tuition fee of $400 will be collected.

How is the TOPS program distinguished from other specialty programs when applying to university?

The first 5 digits of course codes are the focus of most universities eg: SNC1D. The 6th digit represents the designation of an enriched program, eg SNC1DP, where the P signifies the TOPS program. Although this is typically not recognized by universities, the benefits of attending an enriched program are still evident. Students fare better in university, and learn the …

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Will I have time for other things than school?

Certainly. One of the things that TOPS specifically looks for during the application process is individuals who are well-rounded and involved in their community. TOPS students are the first to get their volunteer hours submitted, many are involved in the school or in community programs, many take music lessons, or belong to dance clubs, Cadets, or play sports.