Data Management

Data management is one of two grade 12 TOPS math classes that students may elect to study in grade 12. The course curriculum parallels and builds upon standard Ontario curriculum in a manner that emphasizes data literacy and real world applications of the subject area. 

In our world, it has become increasingly important to be able to analyze statistics and confirm their accuracy. As such, the grade 12 data management class begins with a summary of visual displays of data, strengths of correlation using the correlation coefficient and coefficient of determination, and sources of bias. Students then learn to conduct analysis of single- and multi-variable data, followed by lessons on counting principles and probability. These concepts are then related back to data management through studies of probability distributions and normal curves. Students remain engaged through creative assignments and by bringing the topics back to relevant uses such as medical research. The course culminates in a summative survey in a socially relevant subject which each student conducts and analyzes independently.