Grade 9 – Geography Day Trip

In order for Grade 9 students to obtain a true understanding of how humans have changed the landscape and explore the impact of glaciation in southern Ontario, a day long trip was organized. This expedition, inaugurated in Fall of 2002, is led by Ms. Roberge from Marc Garneau’s Geography Department.


The day long trip includes a hike that begins at a pioneer cemetery, MDA, and then size of Mr. van Bemmel’s boyhood farm and continues to the forgotten village of Grahamsville. They then proceeded to the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park on a 4km hike where the students examine ancient farms and the remains of a power station that served this area until 1947. The trip then continues with a visit to the Cheltenham Badlands, an old brickyard, an esker, the remains of a lime kiln and finally, the crevasse cave. The day is an open text on the land and how it has been exploited by mankind. A unique geological feature, this landform is so devoid of nutrients that it cannot support vegetation. Its characteristic erosion pattern is fragile, and must be respected.

geotripcanyon   hike