Grade 11 – Winter Pinecrest

Following a challenging set of exams at the end of the year’s first semester that featured Chemistry and AP Calculus, the grade 11 TOPS students return to Camp Pinecrest—this time in February—to enjoy a blissful winter wonderland. Some of the activities from grade nine, such as high ropes and low ropes, are modified to suit the winter environment. Others, such as kayaking, are replaced entirely by skiing across the frozen lake and snowshoeing in knee-deep snow. In the midst of these activities, students also build shelters in the snow. On their last night, students are given the choice of leaving their heated cabins to brave the Canadian cold and sleep out in their new constructions. In the evenings, students share in Scrabble and Monopoly as part of the TOPS game night. During this trip, students are also trying to build the best sled for the toboggan competition on the last day at camp. When the students finally return to school four days later, they are refreshed and energized for the start of their second semester.