At Marc Garneau, there are a wide variety of clubs, allowing everyone to find a place where they belong. They span every possible interest, from fundraising to volunteerism, skill development to athletics. To list a few, Garneau proudly hosts an internationally-distinguished DECA chapter, Robotics team, Debate Club, Key Club (no, they don’t make keys), Bridge Club, the Quiz League team, the school newspaper (The Reckoner), Biology club, and Eco-team. The music program also supports a school band and music council. If a specific club doesn’t exist, students are encouraged to start their own.

The TOPS program encourages their students to be well rounded, participating in extra-curricular activities in addition to keeping up with their academic pursuits.


Athletic Teams:

Recreational teams, as well as highly competitive teams, can be found at Marc Garneau. Teams include the singles and doubles tennis team; two girls basketball teams (junior and senior); girls field hockey; the swim team; two boys basketball teams (junior and senior); girls, boys and co-ed volleyball teams; soccer teams; girls softball; and even an ultimate frisbee team. Depending on the sport (and the age group), playing on a team can be a large commitment of time (for example, the senior boys basketball team practices frequently at 7:00 AM). However, joining a team leads to a good opportunity to make new friends, and exercise. TOPS students also join teams to connect with other students, especially with those who aren’t in TOPS.

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