Fun With Uncertainties

How precise is a ruler measurement? In our first grade 11 physics lab, we measured the dimensions of various solids using rulers and calipers to investigate the uncertainties of measuring tools. Using experimental data and our knowledge of regression and the method of quadratures, we calculated uncertainties and generated fits for our findings.

Theorizing Theses

What is the relationship between the amount of data homework and grade 12 TOPS students’ lack of sleep? In our data management class, we learned how to develop theses and create statistical questions from mind maps. This will be applied to our summative project, where we will formulate theses backed up with data and analysis.

An Educated Lesson

Our grade 11 English class began our creative writing unit by reading excerpts of Tara Westover’s Educated. In small groups, we shared our thoughts on the text, then created maps that showed our thought processes. Our understanding of the craft moves the author used will help us when we go on to write our own scenes next week.

Pinecrest Adventures

With exams finished, our grade 11 class headed off to Camp Pine Crest for four days of winter fun. Snowshoeing, skiing, and stargazing were among the many activities that filled our time at camp. We even had the opportunity to brave the cold and sleep in quinzees we built out of snow. To finish up our trip, we held a …

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Exciting Seminars

Do you like reading about ballet? How about mystery? To end off a semester of English, we are presenting seminars on a variety of short stories which encapsulated themes of power and blindness. One of the stories we read was Heather O’Neill’s Swan Lake for Beginners, which details a fictional experiment that cloned a world-renowned ballet dancer.

Lab Lineup

Another day, another lab! For our last practice lab before the grade 11 chemistry summative, we combined a solution of copper sulfate with iron. Using knowledge from many of our previous chemistry units, we found the limiting reagent and compared the moles of the elements to determine the valence of copper.