Electrical Transformers

This week, students from Ms. Patrascu’s Grade 12 TOPS Physics class unearthed the mysteries behind electricity as they created a transformer in class. Students were able to witness a magnetic field induce a measurable charge by placing a solenoid in a current-carrying loop of wire. This process, which transforms alternating current to direct current, powers homes all across the world!

Film Insights

As the TOPS Grade 9 English class entered their Literary Analysis unit, students watched William A. Wellman’s 1943 western drama “The Ox-Bow Incident.” The class was tasked with noting down connections, film techniques such as foreshadowing and conflict, and other insights based on details in the movie. Following this assignment, the class discussed themes, character development, and other elements of …

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Counting Cards

This week, Ms. Chan’s Grade 12 TOPS Data Management Class wrapped up their unit on Probability and moved onto Binomial Distribution and Expansion. After finishing up difficult units involving permutations and combinations, they were able to apply Pascal’s Triangle and probability distribution laws to determine if card games were fair. After a long week, they wrapped up their studies with …

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Circuit Creation

Circuits are essential parts of our day-to-day lives. This week, the TOPS Grade 9 science class continued their electricity unit by recording voltage and current during a parallel circuit lab. Students gathered themselves into small groups and were given equipment to build a parallel circuit. The class was then tasked to measure the voltage and current with voltmeters and ammeters.

Writing Like Shakespeare

Observing and analyzing influential, old literature is a great way to step back in time and apply new knowledge. This week, the Grade 9 English class has been tasked with creating a script and screenplay for a “missing” scene that would improve viewers’ comprehension of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play. Groups will need to identify plot holes, underdeveloped characters, and unanswered …

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Making Rainbows

It wasn’t raining that day, but in the TOPS 11 Chemistry class last week, there were rainbow sightings within graduated cylinders. Applying the concepts that they had learned during the solutions unit, they used sugar solutions at varying densities to create a rainbow made of stacked liquids. Following this colourful conclusion, they started their unit on gases, learning about principles such …

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