Duct Tape and a Dream

Congratulations to MGCI’s FRC Team, Audeamus 8574, for their performance at the FIRST Robotics Competition qualifier on March 27! The team placed 5th in the qualification matches and made it to the semifinals as captain of an alliance. They also received the Highest Rookie Seed Award and the Rookie Inspiration Award. The team’s robot reveal video can be viewed here. A …

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Blowing Bubbles

This week, the Grade 12 TOPS Biology class wrapped up their unit on macromolecules and continued their study of cell structures and enzymes with a fun bubble lab. By using string, straws and a soap-glycerin solution, they were able to blow bubbles of different sizes and understand how different structural changes affect cell membranes.

All About Viruses!

Are viruses dead or alive? How exactly do the different COVID-19 vaccinations work? This week, the grade 11 TOPS Biology Class delved deep into their viruses unit, where they learned about the life cycle of a virus, the importance of vaccination, and the various structural adaptations these particles have made in order to survive. And the end of the unit, …

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