Web Team Romeo

Ever wonder who the burgeoning geniuses (genii) behind this site are? Well, here we are, ready to tell you. We’d like to thank the following students and all the teachers who gave their insight and help. Now, we’d like to present to you the Web team of 2021-22:

Managers Team Members
Head Developer
  • Cynthia W.
  • Anirudh G. (Senior Editor)
  • Anushka T. (Junior Editor)
Web Designers
  • Brian Y. (Junior Web Designer)
  • Howard O. (Senior Developer)
  • Anthony C. (Junior Developer)
  • Dawson T. (Junior Developer)
  • Lillian L. (Grade 9 Writer)
  • TBD (Grade 10 Writer)
  • Flora C. (Grade 11 Writer)
  • Brenan S. (Grade 12 Writer)
  • Derek X. (Grade 12 Writer)
  • Daniel F. (Grade 9 Photographer)
  • TBD (Grade 10 Photographer)
  • Angela X. (Grade 11 Photographer)
  • Sebastian A. (Grade 12 Photographer)