Web Team Sierra

The following students—with the aid of many teachers—are responsible for maintaining the TOPS website.

Managers Team Members
TOPS Curriculum Leader
  • Ms. Priscilla Solorzano
  • priscilla.solorzano@tdsb.on.ca
President and Editor-in-Chief
  • Anushka T.
Head Developer
  • Anthony C.
Head of Communications
  • Brian Y.
Head of Architecture
  • Jonathan W.
Junior Editor
  • Paul S.
  • Grade 10 Developers: Grant O.
  • Grade 11 Developers: Han F., Wing C.
  • Grade 12 Developers: Dawson T.
  • Grade 9 Writers: Nevetha A., Maxim M.
  • Grade 10 Writers: Eileen K., Lillian L., Mia T., Shiloh Z.
  • Grade 11 Writers: Justin W., Maggie P., Nirujah S.
  • Grade 12 Writers: Allyson W., Flora C., Karan M., Ray H.
  • Grade 9 Photographer: Eric M.
  • Grade 10 Photographers: Bala V., Daniel F., Elaine K., Joy C.
  • Grade 11 Photographers: Aishani I.
  • Grade 12 Photographers: Amy J., Angela X.
  • Maggie P., Olivia H.