From grades 9 to 11, TOPS students are required to participate in two math competitions, both offered by the CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) at the University of Waterloo. In grade 9, these are the Pascal and Fryer contests; in grade 10, these are the Cayley and Galois contests; and in grade 11, students write the Fermat and Hypatia. These multiple choice and free response tests encourage students to hone and have fun with their math and problem-solving abilities. Grade 12 students are also encouraged to participate in the Euclid contest, which is also open to other grades. 
Apart from the aforementioned competitions, students frequently opt to participate in other math competitions, which are often offered at the school. These include the CIMC, CSMC, COMC, and AMC, with students who qualify from the COMC or AMC moving on to write the CMO or AIME and USAMO contests, respectively.
Outside of math, students may choose to write the CCC (Canadian Computing Competition), the UofT National Biology Competition, as well as numerous other physics and chemistry contests. Some TOPS students move on to qualify for international olympiads with Team Canada.